About us

VJOSAS works with youth organizations in Vilnius, represents youth in Vilnius city Youth Affairs Council, organise various events.
Currently VJOSAS unites 33 Vilnius youth organisations. VJOSAS aim is to represent youth organisations and strengthen their potential. Our vision is to be an independent Regional Youth Organization Union which has the trust of Vilnius youth and is recognized as a strong participant in youth policy. We create a friendly environment by connecting and representing Vilnius Youth Organizations. We are a non-political, non-governmental, independent organization that does not discriminate on any factors. Our organization consists of a chairperson, executive board, and bureau. The executive board is responsible for the decision-making in the organization and the bureau organizes various youth initiatives and works with the member organizations. The bureau consists of members that work with organizational issues, communicate with member organizations, organize various events and trainings, and participate in local, national, and international events.

The Youth Incubator is a project that started in 2010 and provides a space for youth organizations to work, share ideas, and participate in trainings. The Youth Incubator is a platform for young people to meet, cooperate, and develop.
All of our activities target youth from 14-29 years old living in Vilnius and encourage them to participate, volunteer, and make a real positive impact in their community.